The traditional class has its benefit from the academic purpose to social impact on students and instructors. No idea is ever perfect as humans evolve with new developments, the demand and the quest to fill the insatiable needs to live a comfortable life. The virtual world and artificial intelligence are the world everyone is living right now.

Low tuition: Online schools are not as expensive as physical schools as administrative cost and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment are less required. Learning materials are downloadable at low cost compare to the cost of text books and work books.

Flexibility: The online classes allow students to learn at their pace and convenient time contrary to traditional classes where classes are fixed and class experience cannot be recorded nor revisited. Students have access to text books and course materials online.

Skill improvement: New computer skills are developed as students will be exposed to different kind of learning management systems. Students have longer time interacting with the computer and can develop new ideas while they participate in school activities.

Career development: Students can study while they advance in career. Student don’t need to stop working to be at school. This also an advantage for women especially stay at home moms to build their family while they study. This will help their qualification for better opportunities in their career path. Students do not have to jump from a job to another while trying to gain financial freedom.

Varieties of programs and courses: Students have the chance to audit as many courses as they want without applying directly to the university. There are opportunities to get certified in different fields unlike the traditional school form of application where students are only eligible to study the course assigned to them.