The internet is more like a community, there are many people trying to sell, seek information, entertain themselves from online adverts, social media, pornography to comedy and all you can imagine. You will definitely come across any content you want with just a single click. We are going to be sharing tips on how to maintain discipline while you learn online.

Restrict access to distracting website
Sometimes, you go from checking a topic to going through your favourite social media page before you know it, you are already on the fifth video, 3 hours from the time you settle in to read. You can use extension like Blocksite on Google chrome to stop you from visiting those sites. The automatically become inaccessible when you black list them.
Android allows you to restrict and block applications that you don’t want running. You can disallow apps that are distractions to you. Have you tried the parental control option on your mobile phone also? That can also help you stay focus while you study on your device.

Screen breaktime
Staring at the computer for longer hours can be exhausting. You can take a break from your screen every 45 minutes and use an average of 15 minutes to relax; get yourself some snacks, talk a walk around and exercise you’re your back and legs: this practice is also helpful for back pain and eye defect. Avoid using catching up on social media or watching videos while you take the break.

You can be assured that putting these tips into practice will help you learn effectively, reduce your risk to fatigue and also enhance your level of productivity.