Elementary school

Highface is an elementary school in Abuja. Highface school has been experiencing withdrawal of students from school

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The challenge

For a decade since establishment, students had to copy from notebooks of other classmates for missing a class or trying to catch up with the syllabus before the end of the session. When a child is absent from school for personal or health reason, it is difficult to reach the teachers or classmates and sometimes not convenient for the teachers alongside the heavy work load they need to get done.

Some other complain from parents are that they do not get swift response from the school, teachers get to bother about the progress of the absent students, the parents of the sick children do not get to find a way to help their children catch up, students’ grades are affected, students do not get to cover up for the missing topics.


The Solution

The school consulted Edurex for virtual classroom solution to enhance the performance of the students and how they can make up for the missing classes to reduce the pressure on the students and teachers.

The student connects with the teachers on a video conferencing connection to participate in class activities while they were away from school. The learning content can be downloaded as document file on their device or displayed on an interactive whiteboard and an audio player. Individual task is assigned as the classes which can be seen on the dashboard and submitted within the platform.

So far, student academic performance has increased and the relationship between the teachers and parents is better.

Teachers improved the technology skills, parents’ participation in the student progress has improved also.


  • Low interaction between parents and teachers
  • Low academic performance
  • Class participation for absent students 


  • Healthy communication between parents and teachers
  • Better academic performance
  • Full participation for all students