Layeland school

High School

Layeland has a secondary school in the city of Lagos with an average of 5000 students in both junior and secondary schools.

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The challenge

Layeland school has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. The student cannot be reached as the government has not given directive on opening of the school. The school had no online platform before the pandemic and they don’t know how to go about starting an online classroom for the students. Layland requested for the education solution that can help their school operate online


The Solution

Edurex built an online platform for the school. Previous students re-enrolled online, teaching was conducted online. Students made payment of their school fees on the platform and individual student has their dashboard where their activities, profile and progress are displayed.  The school resumed online and the students were able to interact with their class mates. Teachers were back to classes and the students were engaged at home.

Aside that, the school had a standard database for their students and teachers, the activities of the students were well monitored individually unlike having the weak and strong student together in the class. Parents were more involved in the class activities of the children.


  • No online platform
  • No school website
  • Temporary closure of school


  • Online learning platform
  • Activate school website
  • Opening of online school