Education system has taken different forms and evolved over years. Knowledge transfer has been through traditional and modern form. Modern education has experienced changes based on science and technological development, human involvement, machines and artificial intelligence. Teaching tools changed from slates, abacus, blackboards, paper books, pen, white boards to laptops, mobile phones, note pads and computers.

Edurex is a modern education system that requires the computer and the internet contrary to the traditional system where physical presence of both students and teachers are required. There are several components of this solution as it serves for the academic and administrative purposes.

The virtual learning classroom allows teachers and students to teach and learn online at a self-paced (asynchronous) learning. Course materials are available to student for learning and reference purposes. The virtual classroom has live features where students can see and hear teachers through their devices and respond when necessary without joint physical presence. Examples of live features in virtual classroom are:

  • Messaging tool
  • Whiteboard
  • Video-conferencing

Edurex manages the administrative process of the institution. Students are enrolled online with required detailed information that is automatically stored up in the cloud for easy access. Students and teachers have updated profile for easy identification.

Other features of modern education include:

  • Fee management
  • Content authoring tool
  • Career development
  • Outsourcing of learning and training
  • Consultancy

Edurex is easy to use for all platforms from K-12 to tertiary institutions. First, visit the website and create an account. It is adaptable on all forms of operating systems with friendly and informative pages to guide you through the experience. You can also assess the online customer service for enquiries and consultation