Robust Learning Dashboard
for Modern Education

Our ERP module has advance features for K12, Tertiary and Professional education where students and teachers are empowered with great tools for collaborative learning, rich contents and mordern delivery methods.


Transform your traditional classroom learning with our LMS Suite

The LMS is an important module in EDUREX ERP and School Management Software; gives teachers and students the best learning experience with our advance learning, content authoring, assessment and content delivery in multiple formats for use by K12 schools and Tertiary institutions.

Manage Courses and Content
Create and manage engaging courseware for students with support for multiple delivery options: texts, presentations, images, audio and videos.
Syncronous and Asynchronous Learning
Our LMS is versatile, flexible and supports self-paced and instructor-led courses in scheduled, recorded or live classroom formats.
Multiple Content Delivery Options
Controlled distribution of course materials, screen sharing, document presentation in PDF, PPTX, DOCX, TXT and image formats on Web and Mobile.

Education ERP with the most advance features for Tertiary Institutions

All your administrative, operations and learning processes simplified for speed and efficiency.