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Consultancy, Outsourcing, Content Development.

Consultancy Services

Offer educational consultancy services to institutions on training, designing curriculum and syllabus review. Review and set-up frameworks on the platforms.

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Training Outsourcing

Building capacity and training personnel on the usage of instructional platforms for institutions willing to outsource training and content development.

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Content Development

Create and review learning contents, modules, course activities to teach, assess and grade students on the virtual instructional platforms.

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Educational Consultancy

Assist admission and learning process. Model and review curriculum, training and support for institution, offer strategic advice on administrative and academic structures with online solution for institutes.

  • Training of personnel
  • Curriculum development and review
  • Syllabus design and review

Training Outsourcing

Help through sourcing and vetting qualified personnel for the institution as well as coordinating training for professionals to master the usage of the learning, instructional and teaching platforms available.

  • Training and staffing
  • Personnel management and follow up
  • Cost effectiveness

Content Development

Create, edit, proof read and publish educational contents for learning on the instructional platform on behalf of the institution.

  • Content creator
  • Reviews and editing of learning materials
  • Assessment for students

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We have a modern, intuitive, fully responsive and adaptable interface designed to give solution to schools on student management, learning and content authoring tools for modern education. To serve pupils, students and instructors of K12, higher education, organization and virtual schools.

Analytical and planning tool for administrators for quality content effective for learning and assessment.

Virtual classroom management with instructional tools for live audio-video authoring, feedback and collaborative board.

Fee management for fee payment, invoices and receipts on the institution platform.

Consultancy services to educational institutions on training curriculum design and syllabus review.

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